AI Trainer

(Virtual ASsistant)
Real Personal Trainer

Alex Silin

How are we special:
  1. We take into consideration all information you provide, your condition, goals, and build your optimal Workout Plan
  2. Your optimal Workout Plan is dynamic and adjusts based on your actual condition, tests and measurements
  3. Keep track of workouts
  4. Choose from exercises library or add your own exercises
  5. Accessible from Android and iPhone

Things to consider:
  1. Training Schedule:
    1. Training Frequency is 2-3 times a week
    2. Both young and old trainees require more than 2 days of recovery time to maximize training response.
    3. Training consistency is as important as frequency. 
    4. Training the same muscles 2 days in succession is counterproductive because time is insufficient for muscle recovery and remodeling. 
  2. Sets and Reps
    1. Heavy (5-8 rep sets)
    2. Moderate (8-12 rep sets)
    3. Light (15+ rep sets)
  3. Age
    1. After 50:
      1. Reduce running - running is counterproductive for building muscle:
        1. The repetitive jarring to your joints creates an inflammatory response that requires healing time and energy consumption.
        2. Distance running can create micro injuries to your ligaments and tendons that take a few days to heal.
      2. Always include a thorough warm-up
      3. Stretch after Workout
      4. Training Frequency is 2-3 times a week